Barnett & Vile team up.

Artist: Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile
Album: Lotta Sea Lice (2017)
Purchased at: Entertainmart (St. Joseph, MO) for $20

Rock music is on life support, it isn’t massively popular anymore and there are very few “rock stars.” If you’re a fan of rock and roll these days you need to dig a little deeper to find the records you love. Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile are two established solo artists that formed a supergroup, or super-duo if you will. They may not dominate the radio but they are a couple of rock music’s finest ambassadors.

Their first record together “Lotta Sea Lice” is exactly what you would expect in every way if you know these two artists. Their complimentary styles make perfect sense for a collaboration. The lead single “Over Everything” has a great, smooth dazed grooved where both singers spray lyrics over the riding rhythm. Most of the album follows suit and are not thrilling but not bad either. Ultimately songs like “Continental Breakfast” may be the strongest here but fail to stand out too much above the rest. The best part may be the packaging. The cover is a gatefold that opens up from the center. The part that opens is directly in the middle of the album cover, in-between the symmetrical picture of Barnett and Vile. Inside the record is a collage of Polaroids with the album’s liner notes scribbled over around the pictures.

Verdict: This is a good album but your collection isn’t begging to add it either. Check out a couple songs online first before dropping any money at the record store.

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