No Man Is An Island

No Man is an Island

“I’m going to buy and island in the Bahamas to live on so I don’t ever have to deal with people again.” Ahhh…it sounds ideal. Palm Trees, white sand, Red Stripe, Bob Marley, and crashing waves filling the air. A life free from the problems of the decision to love those who hurt, lie or betray us, or simply are just hard to love.

If you get an island, you may be by yourself, but you are not alone. You might live miles from any person, but no distance separates you from community. You may want to be alone, but no man is an island unto himself. There is a deep sense within the human soul that longs for community.

Do you remember the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks? He finds himself alone on a deserted island. Interestingly, he fashions a character out of a volleyball and names it “Wilson”. Wilson meets that innate human desire Hanks has to be in community. And it makes sense doesn’t it? After-all, we are product of community. At some point, two human beings came together intimately, and as a result of that community we are here. So whether we are alone on an island or live miles from any person, the desire for community cannot be escaped. No man is an island.

And that is a good thing, because without community you cannot know compassion, forgiveness, charity, love or empathy, to name a few. Community brings the best out of you. So engage fully in the relationships you have. Pursue community not just for what it can do for you but what you can do for it. And may you find yourself more fully you, due to everything you experience through others. May you experience the life that is made available to you through community. May you learn from others and see that you are made for community. And may you realize that no man is an island.


Beau Walker
Teaching Pastor @ Make12 Church
Director of Paradox Coffee & Theatre

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